Astrochemistry has now evolved as an emerging branch of many astrophysical fields, where molecules are used as a diagnostic tool to understand the physical and chemical properties of various astronomical objects. Our motivation is to bring the Indian research community into the worldwide roadmap of this forefront research area. Dr. Ankan Das leads the Astrochemistry@Kolkata group. About 270 molecules have been detected in interstellar space. This chemical diversity demands understanding how, when, and where these molecules were produced and excited. Briefly, our research is oriented around general queries, such as what a molecule represents about the physical aspects of clouds. How were they cycled through various phases of stellar evolution, from birth to death? How far does chemical complexity go? Following are some of our brief research interests:

  • Chemical evolution during star formation
  • Interstellar medium
  • Molecules in extreme environment
  • Astrochemical modeling
  • Astrochemical observation