Institute of Astronomy Space and Earth Science (Registration No. S0026037 of 2021-2022)


Modelling of the Earth’s space radiation environment using Monte Carlo simulation considering a proper 3D model of the atmosphere and geomagnetic field and cosmic radiation inputs from solar or Galactic origins. This study will provide important information and understanding of the space radiation phenomena like radiation belts, South Atlantic Anomaly etc.

Study of high energy radiation and energy deposition profile in the Earth’s atmosphere due to cosmic radiation from different sources.

Dosimetric study in the human body at different space radiation environments like: at aviation altitude, low Earth orbit, deep space, lunar and martian surface etc.

Development of a (web-based) infrastructure to calculate the radiation environment and radiation dose in humans at different space radiation environments.

Instrumentation for the measurement of atmospheric and extraterrestrial radiation using ground-based, balloon-borne and space-based observation.