Institute of Astronomy Space and Earth Science (Registration No. S0026037 of 2021-2022)


During the 20th & 21st Century, the citizens of every country are progressively dependent on complex technologies. Computers, transportation and telecommunication are just a few, well-known examples of their heavy impact on our daily lives. Nevertheless, there is a general feeling that the level of scientific literacy has not followed suit. Although, at present, the society may fare marginally better in terms of cognitive knowledge, yet, there is a widespread attitude of indifference or even outright distrust in science within wide parts of the population. The growing gap between the progress of basic science and technology and the lack of public understanding of these subjects - often referred to as the 'deficit model' - presently gives rise to considerable concern among policymakers, educators and organizations involved in this important aspect of communication. Public communication of astronomy, space and earth sciences can play an important role in the ever-increasing effort to enhance public awareness of science. To achieve success, however, it is necessary to define clear communication goals, identify the target constituencies and select the appropriate means of communication. The activities are not restricted to day-to-day communication, but should include or incorporate dedicated educational programmes with long-term effects. A better understanding of natural scientific concepts and related applied technologies will provide a better platform for the general populations to take part more positively in the developmental processes of a country and the society. Though the policy makes have realized the tremendous potential and scope of public outreach programmes, yet, not many organizations are focused on a systematic capacity building exercise to initiate and sustain such activities. IASES wants to evolve as a major centre for research & activities in these areas.

Outreach Programs

  • Astronomy popularization programme and workshops in schools.
  • Astronomy popularization programme and workshops in schools.